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Quilts by Kate

Hello and welcome to my business, Quilts by Kate, where you find products that are quilted for your enjoyment in every color you desire. My name is Kate and I am the owner of this ebusiness and I have a very vast color pallet of products that are available for your enjoyment. We have a wide range of products for every season and holiday:

  • Home Decor
  •   Quilts, Runners, Pillowcases, Placemats, Centerpieces, etc.
  • Holidays
  •   Advent Calendars, Tree Skirts, Easter Baskets, Quilts, etc.
  • Childrens
  •   Pillowcases, Soft Books and Toys.
  • Fashion Accessories
  •   Purses, Tote Bags, Messenger Bags and Backpacks.

I little history about that business that you might find interesting. All businesses have history and this ones' history started eight years ago as an adventure in fabric and knowing what people wanted to redecorate their homes. It also started as a a hobby on the side of a part time job that was going nowhere and still is going nowhere. Quilts by Kate is going on an adventure to the internet and social media.

Come join me in this adventure and advise me on things that interest you, the main decorator.

All the fabric,